The word BIOTOPIA comes from the two words ‘BIO’ (realization of a society where life can shine and prosper) and ‘UTOPIA’ ( an ideal place where ME-BYO initiatives and efforts can come true).
The word me-byo valley addresses the Western area of Kanagawa Prefecture that has been chosen as the main area where to build a healthy society through ‘integration’, ‘creation’, and ‘transmission’.

BIOTOPIA’s concept focuses on 3 main words: ‘Food’ received from the nature, ‘Exercise’ to tone your body, and ‘Healing’ to release your senses. All generations, from children to elders, can enjoy me-byo and experience its improvement.


What is ME-BYO

People’s body condition cannot be clearly divided in ‘health’ and ‘sickness’.
The body condition and state of mind of everyone continuously changes between health and sickness, and the status between these two is defined as ‘me-byo’.
* By understanding this concept, people could bring themselves closer to a continuous healthy condition.

In recent years, lifestyle diseases and declining vitality of mind and body accompanying aging are major problems.
It is a future task to lengthen “healthy life span” that can live a healthy and self-supporting life even if it is older.
To that end, rather than going to a hospital after getting sick, it is important to prevent the disease itself by improving ‘me-byo’ before that.


The me-byo initiative


Local ingredients available

Feeling the need of providing a new experience and awareness of the self, we offer discovery and amazement through food, exercise, and healing.



Academy and Forest Therapy®

At the academy all the generations, from children to elders, can experience diverse activities that make the best use of the wealthy local nature, as Forest Therapy®, cooking classes, mandarines picking, yoga and more.

About Forest Therapy


The me-byo initiative by BROOK’S

To promote a beautiful and healthy lifestyle, BROOK’S supports the health of body and mind through various products.

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About the project’s management

me-byo valley BIOTOPIA BROOK’S Holdings Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Kanagawa Prefecture and based on the joint proposal of BROOK’S Holdings Co., Ltd. and Ooi Town and western Kanagawa Prefecture revitalization project, implements a facility to let the western Kanagawa area appeal as the me-byo strategic area.

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