me-byo valley BIOTOPIA

弘法大師 御朱印受付弘法大師 御朱印受付

Feel the nature, release five senses

away from busy modern life.

While time slowly passes by in the majestic nature,

take a moment to face yourself.

Listen to your body and mind and

absorb energy from nature.

Food, Exercise, Healing

‘Food’ appreciated by nature

‘Exercise’ to tone your body

‘Healing’ to release your senses

Be amazed and discover the excitement.

be Well! Food

Eating well and consciously everyday helps you build up a base of your body for tomorrow

be Active! Exercise

Regular exercise is very important for a life-long health

be Free! Healing

Regular exercise is very important for a life-long health

BIOTOPIA is a base for a peaceful mind and a beautiful life.

Interactive programs the whole family can enjoy

Locally grown foods available at Marché.

The restaurants, where you can choose according to your body needs.

Interactive programs all generations can enjoy.


Marché, to delight your body

Be gentle to your body and mind.
A variety of fresh, local, and organic grown products by dedicated producers are available.


Appreciate every harvest

Choose the ingredients which suit you better at the buffet and create your own personal pot with healthy and fresh locally grown ingredients. Enjoy our authentic clay pot rice and local beer.


Me-byo gourmet French

Supervised by the winning chef of the award ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France (M.O.F)’.
Enjoy our delicatessen and bakery prepared with local ingredients, a cup of coffee or more.

BIOTOPIA the way

Satisfy your senses in Komorebi, the sunlight filtering through trees

In the changing seasons, have a walk in nature and relax in shinrin-yoku, the forest bathing.
The purpose is to improve me-byo of your body and mind by hiking a 5.4 km gentle pathway.


Be inspired by the amazement

At the academy you can experience diverse activities that make the best use of the wealthy local nature, as Forest Therapy®, cooking classes, mandarines picking, yoga and more.

me-byo エクスプラザ

What is me-byo? Experience it!

Interactive facility run by Kanagawa Prefecture.
Get a chance to improve your lifestyle while enjoying learning more about me-byo. Experience this unique facility created with the latest technology.

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