Kobo Daishi
Also known as Kukai, went to China in the era of Tang Dynasty and learned Mikkyo – Esoteric Buddhism – from the seventh forefather, the priest Keika.
After the death of Keika, Kukai returned to Japan after succeeding as the eighth forefather, and founded the Shingon Buddhist on Mount Koya.

He was also an excellent calligraphist and together with Emperor Saga and Tachibana no Hayanari, they are known as the three famous calligraphist.

In me-byo valley BIOTOPIA, on the northern side of Marché, there ia sitting statue of Kobo Daishi. This monument recollects us of Ogawa Takeshige, the founder of BROOK’S Group, that learned from his Mikkyo menthor and high monk Tajima the teaching of Kobo Daishi and his merciful heart.

We offer a memorial goshuin to people coming to visit the statue of Kobo-Daishi.
When you come to BIOTOPIA do not miss the chance to visit its statue and get the goshuin!

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